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Issue with application launch and WinRT States



I am using your Widows 8 Metro Google Analytic library in my application, But while the time of integrating the library. I am facing several issues.
  1. Application Freezes on start up : For the first time of application launch, the app freezes on start up. And here after if we restart the application the application works without any issue.
  2. App Crashes while coming from terminated state : While coming from terminated state the application crashes on (AnalyticsService.cs), in this scenario Windows.Current is null. So in AttachServices() method reaches the application raises an error condition.
  3. Application takes more time for suspension : It takes more than 20 sec for suspending the app, and eventually it causes the app crash

Closed Nov 26, 2012 at 12:25 AM by AlexSorokoletov
Fixed in 2.0 release