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Library is available on Nuget - Install-Package w8ga. Very simple installation.

Google Analytics for WinRT/Metro apps for Windows 8

2.6 version supports:
  • Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Universal Apps (WP8.1/Win8.1 and shared projects)
  • Pageviews tracking using AnalyticsHelper.TrackPageView method
  • Event tracking with AnalyticsHelper.TrackPageView method
  • Custom variables
  • Device manufacturer tracking
  • Device model tracking (see custom variables #1 (is it a custom pc or a manufactured model), #2 (manufacturer), #3 (model), #4 (manufacturer + model), also see Events->Device Models->)
What is not supported:
How to use Google Analytics in your Windows 8 Metro app (link to tutorial)

This component requires your app to have "Internet (client)" capability enabled:

Sample app is included, see "Source code" tab

This is just a hosting of a source code,
If you need to improve/fix/modify code, please use patch feature or contact somebody from the Team

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